Sauerlander Spanplatten

Sauerlander Spanplatten of Germany brings their experience since 1951 catering to the global door industry. Presently the company exports to over 90 countries and produces 75 different varieties of about 550,000 cubic meters of Extruded tubular and Extruded Solid Filler Cores. In common language it means the company dispatches 70+ full container loads of 40’ in high Cube daily!! The company offers Tubular Chipboard from 23mm to 80mm thickness, Extruded Solid Chipboard from 10mm to 38mm thickness, Sandwich Chipboards, Stile material “Homogeneous Wood” as wood substitute from 28mm to 34mm thickness, Routed Tubular Chipboard etc.
The Boards are highly environmentally preferred as they are guaranteed E-0.5 Emission level for Formaldehyde Emission conforming with EN 16516 as well as E-LE and CARB P2/TSCA Title VI emission norms. Additionally the company is a certified PEFC and FSC Certificate holder, sourcing the complete raw material from sustainable forestry plantation timber residues, which means the products are eco friendly and can be used in all Green building projects too.
Additionally, the company makes specialized cores for upto 47 dB Acoustic and upto 60 minutes Fire rated Doors.
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